John Morris

John Morris has a PhD in optical spectroscopy from the University of Sydney. He has taught in Computer Science and Engineering in universities in Australia ( Melbourne, Western Australia, Tasmania), New Zealand (Auckland), Korea (Chung Ang, KyungPook) and Thailand (Mahasarakham).

KRIS Research Clinic

John and Pat run the KMITL KRIS reseach clinic which will help you to write your paper correctly .. and get it accepted!!

Pratana Kangsadal (Pat)

Pat graduated as a pharmacist, but has given up drugs now and has been editing and rewriting research papers for KMITL for more than 5 years. He speaks American fluently - with a Chicago accent - after living there for 15 years.

Help in writing a paper

Before starting to write your paper in English, please read my textbook
A Guide to Technical English for non-native speakers
John Morris

Copies are availabe from the bookstore,
1st floor, E12 building, Engineering Precint

Only 60 baht

This short text will give you advice on how to write technical papers simply and quickly
and with fewer errors.
A shorter, clearly written paper will get accepted faster!
Viruses and your paper
To continue to help you get your paper published without sending any of us to quarantine
We will work as much as possible using
  • email
  • Skype or
  • Zoom or
  • other tools by arrangement (even mobile phones!)
  1. When you need assistance, send your paper (or draft) to us by email
  2. Tell us which journal or conference to which you will submit the paper. Send a link to the journal and its "Instructions for Authors" to us to speed things up.
    • Send your original Word or LaTeX files.
    • We will edit them directly.
    • DO NOT SEND pdf files.
  3. We will edit your paper as much as possible and send you a revised paper.
    • We will use Word's "Track changes" mode: changes and comments will be marked in the revised copy.
    • Check our changes and, if you agree with them, accept them.
    • If you do not think the change is correct or need to ask questions about it, leave the change marked in the margin. You can use the "New comment" option, to add your response or comments.
    • Save the draft with a new filename, eg add "V1", "V2", etc. to the existing filename.
  4. Send the new revision back to us for further comment or correction.
  5. If you think a meeting is needed and will speed editing, then request a meeting by email. We will arrange a time (for Skype or Line) or time and place for a physical meeting.
  6. If we decide to continue with Skype or Line, it is strongly recommended that you print a copy of the tables and figures only, so that we can view them by video, using a pointer (your finger may be old fashioned, but it will probably work well here!) and edit by pencil.
  7. If the journal asks for figures and tables in separate files, do not forget to send them by email also.
Reseach ClinicSend papers by email, arrange times and places by email
John's Schedule Physical meetings are still possible, but will be avoided.
TuesdayBy arrangement13:00-16:00 or by negotiation
Pat's Schedule
TuesdayBy arrangement9:00-16:00 or by negotiation

Before coming to a meeting with the advisors ...

Please send a copy of your paper by email to:
John Morris john.mo@kmitl.ac.th
Pratana Kangsadal pratanakangsadal@hotmail.com
Please send the original documents to us.
We will edit your paper with you:
don't send xx.pdf files, we can not edit them directly!
Word (xx.docx)
LaTeX (xx.tex + any special style files)


Technical Writing
Image Processing
Building Cracks


Technical Writing (Industrial Education)Lecture notes etc
Academic Listening and Speaking (Engineering)Lecture notes etc
Advanced Research Methodology (Industrial Education)
KMITL Technical Writing Workshop Course synopsis, Lecture notes etc The link will take you to the workshop pages.
Notes, animations Preface (Web pages) You can download the full package (notes and animations)