KRIS Year In Review-Graphene Innovations 💥

KRIS Year In Review-Graphene Innovations 💥

Award winning and innovative, it’s skies the limit for our Graphene initiative in the international market. That’s why we chose this great accomplishment to start our KRIS Year In Review series.

In 2023, we have made great strides for innovation excellence. We are extremely proud of our outstanding researcher Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chettha Rattanapan for his work in the development and industrial implementation of Graphene, a durable, strong material that is thin, light and is a good conductor of heat and electricity.

Awarded an Innovation Award from the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) in 2019 and earlier this year,
our Graphene Innovations have been gaining attention from the world’s most powerful industry players, namely CP ALL Public Company Limited.

Together with our institution, CP ALL has joined forces for a technology transfer to establish the first of its kind in Thailand, the “Industrial Automated Graphene Production Pilot Plant”
which aims to help manufacture our home-grown graphene technology for application in industries including construction, water, electricity, new product development and at 7-ll branches nationwide.

With a world of possibilities to develop Thailand’s “Graphene industry” for commercial and industrial application on the horizon,
our high-impact initiatives drive the Thailand 4.0 industrial revolution for a better tomorrow.
Be sure to stay tuned for our next big innovation initiative at KRIS and see you soon for the next installment for the KRIS Year In Review!

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