🌵KMITL’s Cactus Clinic

🌵KMITL’s Cactus Clinic

At the KMITL Innovation Expo 2024, the BCG pavilion invited many great environmentally friendly solutions to showcase their innovations.
One such innovation was the use of a different substrate mix for planting soil, specially used for cacti.
Under the supervision of Asst.Prof. Dr. Chamaiporn Anuwong, a renowned agriculturalist from the Department of Plant Production,
Faculty of Agricultural Technology, KMITL, her students displayed the different soil compositions
in the market today compared to their own unique soil composition that has been tested and proven to be more nourishing for growing cactus,
yielding optimized plant performance than soils in the market.

This means that finding the most effective planting materials for cacti can reduce both farmer
and merchant costs while offering a better product to the public at large.
In the future, there are ambitious plans for this proprietary soil as it will be manufactured and sold in the market to help promote better cacti planting and maintenance.

💥Driving costs down and increasing quality is the main objective of this innovation and we cannot wait to see the fruits of their labor blossom into sustainable success.
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Update : 19/03/2024